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W.I.N.K(White Infantile Nerdee Kid)


Yo...........yo I like poptarts in my toaster, wen it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh I am boaster. Dylan Mahoney got nothin' on me that little jerk night as well drink his own pee. I've got no friends ,but I have this song so pleae sing along. Because its verse time bitch. Yo im a wink.......*wink* a White Infantile Nerdee Kid.(reapeat)


I am whiter than the Young jeezyy, but I am also way cooler then Lil Weezy. I'm like my friend, I have an inhaler, I need to puff, cause when I don't I shall huff. I got that afro, I alway say "Fo-Sho" and I always ride on big ass twenty "Fo-Fo". I pop the colla and the girls say "HOLLA". I sell Shrimp at long Jon Silvers for a dolla.


There's thi kid down the street, he brags about his brother for me it is a  bother. He also said "he had see through underwear, i almost hit him in the face.........with a pear. Yo this is it, sorry to feck you, but I'm gonna have to take a big asss poo-poo. I thank this to my friend  without him, i would bend





Hey yo listen up ho, don't interrupt me, let me explain. I think your a bitch your moms a witch. Darnit she can't even make a flippin sandwich. You don't have a job you'll never get anywhere, for God'd Sake you don't even have underwear.

verse: hey yo  i hate yo and thats fo sho.

Your dads a drunk and he is a psycho, 'o' yeah I mention you a ho? If you don't like me I dont mind, there's a spot for you in my heart that I can't find. Your brother is a dealer and your sister a junkie, you so poor you have to drink your own pee. You know I actually felt bad for a minute I can't belive it, you are just a peice of dirty shit. This is kind of mean but I dont care, once again, your mom still needs to give me back my underwear.

verse x2

I am popular and you are not, maybe you could stop eatin' your snot. Your gonna die at a young age, im surprised your dad hasn't put you in a cage. I can't believe I loved you even after what I said to you. so this is it this is all maybe you could walk off a cliff and take a fall.



So, there's this fat kid he thinks he's cool, he's lucky I don't drown him in the pool. He tryed to diss me at the dance, I should've hit him with a lance. His girl friend is ugly and fat like him to tell you the truth I think its a shim. He walks around with a loser black kid who thinks he's awesome, he probably wants to slap jared's bum.

verse: yo jared is fat he has no friends, he so stupid he hits himself with a baseball bat.

Haha here starts verse two of the jared rap, he probably buys his man bras at the ladies gap. I'm surprised someone likes him, oh wait what the lover she is. His shim friend is uglier than my ass jared aint very fast. I wonder why,oh yeah he's fat, he probably has a pillsbury dough boy hat.

verse x2

This is it, its a short verse, that fatass don't know how to curse. I hate him and so should you, his damn friend smells like poo.

Young Wigga (remix of young jeezy's go getta)

We kill all day, we steal all night ,this is the life of a, the life of a, bed wetta.  We watch  star wars  and  we  dont talk to girls. this is the life of a, the life of a,  bed wetta, bed wetta, bed wetta yeahhhh

In The Immediate State They Callin Me Will Smith Gotta Thing On Ma Side U Can Call Dat Jada
The Boys Talkin Down Yea We Call Em Hatas Im Ballin Right Now So Well Get Back To Dat Lata
Be The First To Admit Am Alcoholic Only Blow Dat Good Shit Yea Dat Whatchamacallit
Catch Me Posted On Da Block In Sumthin Exotic '07
Yea Da Same Color Hypnotiq On The Outside Lookin And I Want In My Homie Did The Same Thang And He Got 10
Jus Took A Loss Still Tryin 2 Win Nd U Tryin 2 Get Back So Wut U Tryin To Spend

We kill all day, we steal all night, this is the life of a, the life of a, bed wetta, bed wetta, bed wetta, bed wetta. we watch star wars, and we dont talk to girls, this is the life of a bed wetta, bed wetta, bed wetta. yeahhhh

We Live Life On Da Edge Like Theres No Tomorrow They Grind Hard Like Theres No Today
They Do The Same Shit Like Its Yesterday The Game Never Stop So Whos Next To Play?
Against All Odds U Can Place Ur Bets Yea Im Jus Gettin Started So I Aint Done Yet (Naw)
Risk It All You Can Lose Ur Life Wut Else Can I Say Dats A Hell Of A Price (Dayumm)
I Dont Under Cuz I Overstand No Time For Mistakes So Im Overplayin
Im In Da Club Like Wut? 4 5 Wit Me And Ima Stay Thuggin Till Da Feds Come Get Me

We kill all day, we steal all night, this is the life of a, the life of a, young wigga, young wigga, young wigga we watch star wars, and we dont talk to girls, this is the life of a young wigga, young wigga, young wigga. yeahhhh

Hey Hey This Is How We Play When We Roll Up To Da Club High Sittin On 20 Treys
Hop Out Like We Fabolous Top Models Grabbin Us They Luv Dem Go Gettas Only In America
Put D On Chicks Like Wallace Turn Em
Thinkin They Can Have All Dis Cant Deny It When U C Da Wheels Spinnin
Boy Kells Out Da Coupe In Miami White Linen Chips Big Spendin Walk Out Da Club Witha Shitloada Women
Soon As I C One I Like young wigga (Oo) Ima bang It Cuz Ima young wigga

We kill all day, we steal all night, this is the life of a, the life of a, bed wetta, bed wetta, we watch star wars, and we dont talk to girls, this is the life of a bed wetta, bed wetta, bed wetta yeahhhh

special guest help with, $do3 boi fr3sh$ (chris) ((eighth grade)) (((co writer of wink.)))


i was walkin down the street by myself, when this guy walked up to me like an elf, he said, hey yo wassup cracka, what the hell you doin, i happened to see what the hell he was chewin. it was brown in color and mint with smell in his pocket more of this shit dwelled. his teeth were brown and stained like my pants, but then i heard some strange chants. turned out he was goin insane, lucky he wasnt on a ***ckin' plane.

that shit would be dangerous no doubt because that shit he was chewin was goin out. it wasnt goin out his mouth or dick, he probably never even talkd to a chick. that sentence 'fore last was kinda strange i dont know why i dont kno how. you know what i think i know what that shit was, it was to smelly for him to get on even a buz. that shit was tobacco without a doubt. if he walked in my house, i would beat him out.

this song is kind of strange, doesnt make sense, i like to see you try, with less then 6 cents.  that asshole went spittin' that goofy *hit, and this stuff was brown, it was his spit! i was like DAMN and he said what, then i just called his mom a stupid butt.  i encourage you not to try this caus if you do ill make you drink my dog's **it. wow that sounded wierd, dont give two shits, just remember when your chewin, you'll have brown spit.

Made by the rapper, CHINO.


yo theres this girl, shes fuckin hot, she doesnt do shit, she doesnt smoke pot. her body is bangin and her ass is swangin, her looks are smokin, if you say different, you r chokin.  shes really cool, i wouldnt use her as a tool, haha id even make out with her in my pool!  to bad shes over 100 miles, to get to her, id swim the nile, if you saw this girl you pop a woody, christ just talkin to her is a goody. damn shes goin to the beach all the way in south caroline, to bad shes not goin past the pines. if she did she'd drive me down, sadly she cant so im wearin a frown. to sum it all up shes the greatest.


Star-Wars RaP

Yo, there's this guy his name is Luke, this force stuff is just a fricken piece of shit. The force flows through me like my piss, when I see the sith, I go "hissss". I got a toy Light-Saber it is way cooler than darth vader. I Have every star wars game, some day I will acheive Star Wars fame. I get the shit beatin' out of me like Ralph Nader, then I just talk like Darth Vader. Everyone hates me, no one likes me, when I am in my star wars game mode.


I think Yoda is the best ever, I have serious Jedi Fever. Every girl kicks me in the balls, maybe they can also stop throwin me into walls, when I try to beat them with my Blue Light-Saber. Their boyfriends kick my ass like Darth Vader. I think Princess Leia is hot, who knows I might be on Galactical Pot. And here we go to verus three, so I suggest to listen up and stop drinking pee.


Luke and Leia are Brother and Sister, in the movie they kiss? That shit isn't right that's a heap of bullshit. Luke mixs  pee with poo and spit-it on Darth Vader's small dick.

You know what really busts my balls, those frickin sand raiders, everybody who likes them are Star Wars haters. I like Star Wars I have to admit, it's way better than that Star Trek shit. star wars is great and alot of people are not,who cares if I eat my snot.

lyracist: chino (zack lutz) ((friend)) Formatist (PimPist): Seth (mx shortie) ((me))

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